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canary-checker serve

Start a server to execute checks


Start a server to execute checks

canary-checker serve [flags]


      --aggregateServers strings   Aggregate check results from multiple servers in the status page
      --canary-name string         Canary name
      --canary-namespace string    Canary namespace
  -c, --configfile string          Specify configfile
      --dev                        Run in development mode
      --failureThreshold int       Default Number of consecutive failures required to fail a check (default 2)
  -h, --help                       help for serve
      --httpPort int               Port to expose a health dashboard  (default 8080)
      --interval uint              Default interval (in seconds) to run checks on (default 30)
      --maxStatusCheckCount int    Maximum number of past checks in the status page (default 5)
      --name string                Server name shown in aggregate dashboard (default "local")
      --prometheus string          Prometheus address (default "http://localhost:8080")

Options inherited from parent commands

      --json-logs        Print logs in json format to stderr
  -v, --loglevel count   Increase logging level


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